Current Job Titles Deciphered by Professional Recruiters

Current Job Titles Deciphered by Professional Recruiters

The ever-changing world of technology has sparked the creation of new roles in the market. If you haven’t looked for a job in several years or you are unfamiliar with the terms, you may be a little flummoxed by some of the options listed. Executive recruitment firm, Mindcor InterSearch Global, deciphers a few of the newer titles on the block.

Social Media Evangelist

Social media evangelists, specialists or marketers, also called online brand ambassadors, manage a company’s online presence through accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. They create content, execute marketing campaigns and competitions, engage with users, and stay abreast of social media trends.

Community Manager

A community manager uses both off- and online channels such as blogs and events to foster strategic partnerships with all stakeholders, encouraging their support and involvement with the company’s brand or cause.

Product Owner

A product owner or manager is responsible for launching a particular product or service (often based on an app development) into the market and overseeing its growth. They manage the cycle – from conception to launch – analyse the product’s impact on the market, and determine how to translate it into sales.

UX Professional

Designing a product or service that is user-friendly and is loved by customers is the remit of a user experience or UX professional, also known as a UX designer or interaction designer. They ensure that a product or service is simple to use, behaves intuitively, flows well, and has the right look and feel.

Data Mining Analyst

Data analytics professionals analyse the company’s data gleaned from sources such as online campaigns, traffic numbers, user interactions, and customer trends. They transform this data into useful metrics and reports to help companies make informed decisions. Also referred to as data gurus, business intelligence managers or web analytics analysts, people in these roles are innately curious, and excel at using data to solve problems.

Scrum Master

The methodology surrounding software development has evolved from slow, deliberate engineering to rapid, agile development that gets products and services onto the shelves quicker. Scrum is a popular new software development methodology, and a scrum master or expert keeps the team on track within the scrum framework. They arrange and facilitate daily scrum meetings and planning sessions, and is responsible for improving interactions between the scrum team and the organisation to maximise productivity. As specialist coaches, they usually don’t have any staff members reporting to them.

With all the new job titles generated, it can be a little confusing knowing which title would best attract candidates to a particular role. Please contact professional recruitment firm in Johannesburg, Mindcor InterSearch Global, for more information, or to source top quality candidates in the technology field. We have access to an extensive pool of specialists whose careers we track using AI technology. Our telephone number is (011) 551 5500.

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