effective training & development programmes

Many organisations find themselves challenged to develop new capabilities in areas where traditional training programmes don’t exist. To to do this within the constraints of high pressure delivery environments, where time is spent out of the office, is operationally challenging.

Recognising this combination of challenges, Mindcor is focused on developing customised training interventions that support operational effectiveness by building job mastery through ‘just-in-time’ competence building. Our blended learning approach is focused on achieving defined business outcomes which typically incorporates elements of high impact contact events, coaching, and on-the-job action learning. By working with teams on site, we are able to optimise the time spent training to ensure that it is directly relevant to the individuals and teams and to support them in improving on delivering key business objectives. This ultimately leads to an increase in competence and proficiency, developing mastery, and producing measurable return on investment for the organisation.

Whilst a host of capabilities may be present, capability does not necessarily translate into mastery. We at Mindcor understand that individuals need to take learning outside of the traditional classroom to where they can apply and adapt their knowledge and skills to the specific and evolving realities of the environment they work in. We believe that the best teachers are those who have achieved mastery and who model the right behaviour that can be observed and emulated. By inculcating a learning culture in the teams we work with, we enable a shift in behaviour that is both measurable and results in increased performance.