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Recruitment Challenges – Perspectives from an Executive Employment Agency in Johannesburg

The recruitment of top talent for organisations has its challenges. Some of the issues that affect successful hires include the length of the recruitment process, the appeal of small versus large businesses, and the paucity of tech skills. The executive recruitment agency in Johannesburg, Mindcor InterSearch Global, shares experiences to this regard.

You Snooze, You Lose

Some companies have unwittingly developed extended recruitment processes; wanting their candidates to jump through several hoops to ensure they suit the role. While it is perfectly acceptable and necessary to evaluate candidates, requiring them to undergo multiple interviews and tests, and then taking weeks or months before extending an offer can cause potential employees to lose interest and patience with the process. During this time, candidates may withdraw or be snapped up by a competitor who moves more quickly to make them an offer of employment. Keeping the best candidates engaged and interested throughout the recruitment process is, therefore, essential.

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Is Smaller Sweeter?

Large companies normally compete for top talent with other large companies, but another dynamic has entered the fray; with competition coming from smaller, innovative new start-ups. When it comes to employment, these start-ups are often willing to provide unique benefits such as fully stocked kitchens or dog-friendly workspaces that larger companies may not provide. Start-ups can also sometimes accommodate more attractive salary packages and perks since they are not limited by a concrete compensation structure like larger organisations. Candidates, especially millennials, will be attracted by a company, regardless of its size, that really cares about employees and demonstrates good ethics; and would likely dismiss ones that do not.

Is Bigger Better?

Smaller companies, in turn, have to compete with larger, more established and well-known corporations for top talent. Some candidates are drawn to the perceived status and job stability associated with bigger, reputable firms. Often, larger corporations can outgun smaller firms by offering guaranteed bonuses and stock options. To combat this issue, smaller companies need to lure candidates with flexible work schedules, extensive vacation options, learning opportunities, rapid career growth potential and flatter, less hierarchical structures.

Quality Tech Geeks

One of the biggest issues in recruitment today relates to hiring tech talent. With increasing mobile usage, online shopping and the Internet of Things, having a quality technology team is vital for the success of any business. Unlike marketing or human resources, technology is still an emerging, progressing field in which the job candidate pool is somewhat limited. These highly skilled candidates tend to prefer working remotely and usually require extensive new technology to perform tasks effectively. With specialised talent in low supply, the recruitment agency has to compete with a myriad of other companies, both large and small for limited resources.

Beating the Odds

The recruitment process can be a challenge that you might not want to undertake alone. Partnering with an experienced employment agency with the knowledge and skills to undertake the entire recruitment process on your behalf could be the best hiring decision you make. Contact Mindcor InterSearch Global, the executive recruitment agency with over 25 years’ experience, on (011) 551 5500.

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