How To Prevent Costly Hiring Mistakes

Does any of the following sound familiar? You have hired a highly competent executive with sterling credentials, “ticking all the boxes” yet they are struggling to succeed in your organisation.  You have an individual on your leadership team who fails to achieve organisational strategy and seems to be driving a different agenda.  Your executive team seems somewhat dysfunctional, you have an individual/s who just don’t “fit in”.

Hiring is not Brain surgery, or is it?  It ought to be a relatively simple process: Sourcing of suitable talent takes place according to a job description, from their CV’s considered, 1st, 2nd, 3rd interviews, sometimes psychometrics and finally an appointment is made. How is it then that we still find ourselves in uncomfortable positions where wrong hires result in costing us hundreds of thousands in the end?  Here are some ways to prevent costly hiring mistakes from becoming a reality:

  • Creating alignment around what the person should look likein many instances there is lack of alignment, that is not immediately apparent, between the various stakeholders involved in top level appointments
  • Creating alignment around what the person should dopreventing misaligned views amongst stakeholders (including non-execs, board members, managers and colleagues) and the required role
  • Integration between organisational intent and the roleensuring that the incumbent, in any senior role, understands their impact and involvement with organisational intent
  • Ensuring that the organisation is filing the right roleWill the identified role enable organisational success
  • What will it take to deliver and influence the roleCreating alignment between organisational intent, the role and the candidate
  • Focus on alignment between organisational and individual aspirations, values and needsThe greater the understanding of the impact of the role on the organisation the greater the alignment between the organisation and the candidate
  • Hiring is a Change management process  – Involving senior / key stakeholders from the beginning will ensure that the new incumbent is likely to be well integrated and accepted long before appointment

Written by: Berelize de sousa
General Manager- Executive Search at Mindcor Executive Search and Consulting