Interning at Mindcor is the foundation to catapulting your successful career!

Mindcor’s core belief, “Extraordinary business performance through people”, extends to both internal and external relationships. Our Graduate Program aims to provide an authentic work experience whilst enriching the individual with vast experience within their respective fields. Across the board, interns, employees and senior level employees interact on a daily basis, causing a natural growth for individuals and the company. Interns are afforded the opportunity to work in a professional working environment where their tasks and demands mirror those of a long term employee, motivating students to become the best professional they can be. Mindcor takes pride in developing our interns and providing them with the tools necessary to maximise their potential, ultimately leading to the opportunity of a permanent position within the company. We understand the theory learnt doesn’t always reflect the reality of the working world and therefore focus on ensuring interns are nurtured into the profession of choice. Currently, Mindcor is holding an ongoing graduate program for students holding a masters in Industrial Psychology. We have successfully employed post graduate program candidates who also oversee the program and its daily progress, through interaction with new interns and creating a motivating environment for them.

Here is what Mindcor’s successful post program employees and current interns have to say:

“Working at Mindcor has provided me with an invaluable experience and significant exposure to the world of consulting. The advantage of an internship at Mindcor is that interns are not expected to merely observe experienced consultants in action, but to participate, assist with and even take ownership of entire processes. In doing so, a learning environment is created which challenges and empowers us to achieve nothing less than excellence.”- Sarah Bibi Setar, Intern Industrial Psychologist

“My internship at Mindcor, not only provided me with the fundamentals for registration as an Organisational Psychologist, but was an integral stepping stone into a rewarding and fulfilling profession. I am enormously grateful for the invaluable experience and continued personal and professional development that working for Mindcor has afforded me. “Danica Viana, Senior Consultant

“I joined Mindcor Consulting in 2010 as their first Industrial Psychology intern. As a result, I was given the opportunity and freedom to craft my own journey in fulfilling the requirements to becoming registered with the HPCSA. My internship at Mindcor was characterised by high levels of exposure and involvement across all aspects and facets of the business.  The environment encouraged active participation in the conceptualisation of solutions as well as the practical application of these within the client space.  Open discussion and debate fostered an environment of learning which in turn enabled a deep level of understanding. A culture of open and honest feedback both during and post my internship year has led to my growth and development both personally and professionally. The focus that Mindcor Consulting places on developing people is reflected in the manner in which they continuously provide opportunities for individuals to be stretched and pushed out of their comfort zones whilst been provided with the required levels of support and guidance.” Julie Robinson, Senior Consultant

“The 5th of May 2014 marked the beginning of my career within the corporate world and what better way than a graduate programme?! I was welcomed into the team that is nexTLeaders under a graduate programme which was structured to assist my development in the workplace, specifically recruitment. During our first week we were introduced to the company and the team. Our sessions informed us about recruitment, its processes and procedures. We also spoke about the different challenges and experiences that a recruiter goes through and how to manage them. Upon completion of the induction we put the theory into practice where we supported the consultants in the team with sourcing, qualifying, calling in candidates and other duties. This went on through rotation where not only were we exposed to different job profiles and industries, but also seeing the different ways by which the consultants do their work. I am now approaching the end of my programme and working under Theo and Conrad has and continues to increase my knowledge and develop my skills – both of which have added to building a solid foundation toward a fruitful career. My experience here could not have been more satisfying, welcoming, and rewarding!”  Zandile Shabangu, Internal Consultant  

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