Observations from an Employment Agency in Johannesburg

Is HR Keeping Up with Workplace Changes? Observations from an Employment Agency in Johannesburg

Corporate HR departments across the globe are facing very different issues today when compared to the past two decades and the need to transform policies and practices to meet changing dynamics. Recruitment agency, Mindcor InterSearch Global, explains some of the shifts that need to be accommodated in the design of HR strategies.

Workplace Experience is Tops

Savvy HR departments in Johannesburg and elsewhere have shifted the attention from talent “management”, which focused largely on the needs of HR, to talent “experience”, which prioritises the needs of employees. The focus is no longer largely on the automation of HR processes, but on improving the working and personal lives of employees. Employee “experience” has, therefore, become pivotal to HR recruitment strategies.

When it comes to employment, the younger generation, in particular, tends to prefer experiences over possessions. They thrive from exposure to learning opportunities and interesting projects, wanting additional responsibilities without having to wait for a promotion. No one stays with one company for their entire career any longer. They move on, accept temporary or part-time positions, or they take on additional assignments on the side. If the working experience does not meet their expectations, captivate their attention, or satisfy their aspirations, they will complain, express their displeasure on social media, or simply leave the company.

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Out with the Old

Talent reviews have never been particularly effective, but current day specialised tools and tests can predict the likely success of a staff member in a particular role. Even if the appropriate person is younger or less experienced than the boss, but is likely to succeed, they need to be given the opportunity. Many businesses see the benefits of outsourcing the assessment of current staff members for internal positions and promotions to a third-party/external recruitment agency to negate potential allegations of bias and prejudice.

Job descriptions and competency models, once the purview of HR departments, are no longer practical as responsibilities change often to meet the requirements of the business. Some companies, such as HP, have largely discarded job titles, simplifying the number of levels in the company from over 60 to around 14. Hierarchies are falling away in favour of teamwork, and clear, measurable objectives are necessary in the drive for simplicity.

Plum Packages

HR policies and packages designed with an understanding of high pressure, deadlines and the fast pace of life are trending, as kindness and compassion become key motivators for top performers. Compensation based solely on fixed salaries and vacation days are no longer sufficient. Financial wellness and personal wellbeing programmes, together with flexible working hours, strong supportive structures and mentoring platforms are key to attractive staff packages.

Check Yourself

Is your HR department keeping abreast of the changing needs of your workforce? For assistance in benchmarking your policies and processes with those of the best in the country and abroad, contact Mindcor InterSearch Global on (011) 551 5500. As an executive recruitment agency in Johannesburg, we can introduce you to premium HR specialists who can help transform your talent systems to give your staff the best possible support for high performance. Our assessment tools and processes for selecting the most likely candidate to succeed in a particular role will ensure that promotions are fair and justified.

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