cascading strategy

The primary obstacle to effective strategy execution is not so much whether the right strategy has been selected, but rather the degree to which it has cascaded down and been embraced within the organisation. Communication campaigns, however visually compelling, are not enough to entrench behaviour change through the capturing of hearts and minds of the people within the organisation.

If strategies are to be understood, embraced, and executed throughout the business, systematic conversations supported by leadership should happen at every level of the organisation. Discretionary, as opposed to mandatory, effort is only unleashed when individuals and teams are given the opportunity to interrogate the strategic intent. This allows them to co-create the ‘how’ as far as the operationalisation thereof is concerned.

To avoid things being lost in translation, a structured process should be followed that helps to take the overarching strategic vision to a functional level. This includes the ability to show individuals how they will achieve that which is desired.

Mindcor’s Strategy Cascade is a process, not an event. It is a systematic journey of engagement with multiple touchpoints where strategy can be effectively articulated, understanding tested, and a definite change in behaviour seen in each member of the organisation. The primary benefits of such a process include: