climate & culture surveys

Culture, not strategy, is often the primary determinant of the ability of an organisation to achieve their corporate objectives. Culture requires sufficient time to take hold but once entrenched, can be very difficult to shift. There is a very real risk that without a deep understanding of cultural dynamics, leaders can fall into the trap of attempting to use the same techniques that got them into a cultural quagmire in the first place.

This begs the question of how one unpacks a culture in determining that which is of value and that which is not. There are a myriad of tools, including Climate and Culture Surveys, which can be used to effectively measure the culture of an organisation and the specific dynamics that contribute to it. From this, Mindcor can recommend and assist in implementing key interventions designed to address these challenges.

Mindcor understands that cultural shifts cannot happen in a single event, but should rather be carefully crafted and managed change journeys. The journey must start with new behaviours modelled by leaders and driven by a shift in the mind-set and conduct of management at all levels within the organisation. Our leadership development and employee engagement interventions are deliberate processes designed to help our clients grow strong and effective cultures that drive the business forward.

As a change implementation partner to our clients, Mindcor assists with: