co-source recruitment model

Today, many organisations have invested in their own internal recruitment capability, harnessing technology in an effort to maintain ownership of the process and monitor associated costs. Whilst this prospect may seem attractive, there are most definitely challenges to recruiting independently. These challenges can be seen through the narrow reach that most organisations have when compared to that of recruitment specialists, hindering their access to the very best talent who are most often not found in the open marketplace.

Mindcor recognises the needs of organisations who would like to have the best of both worlds offered by combining internal and external recruitment efforts. This allows our clients to monitor costs and maintain control whilst retaining access to the expertise, networks, and tools of a specialist recruitment firm such as ours. To this end, we have developed a Co-Source Recruitment Model that allows organisations access to a hybrid that enables them to achieve their organisational goals.

Mindcor’s Co-Source Recruitment Model:

Under this service offering, Mindcor provides the client with an on-site, dedicated recruitment resource that will enable internal capability and ensure delivery. This retained model has definite cost benefits and, when coupled with the ability for our on-site resource to share the overflow or more challenging assignments with our Mindcor teams, our clients are assured of success.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution and we pride ourselves on building bespoke co-source recruitment models to address our clients’ unique needs and specific challenges.