employee engagement & value proposition

The rapidly changing business world is driven by greater levels of customer-centricity and customisation, creating an even greater need to have fully engaged and capacitated employees. Decision-making needs to be brought closer to the customer to enable even the lowest level employee and provide them with the ability to meet customer expectations. For many organisations, this is a scary proposition as they fear that lower level employees are not committed or lack motivation.

Key to success is to create a customer value proposition that is clearly understood by all employees who are empowered through knowledge, skills, and the requisite authority and accountability to deliver. True alignment can be achieved when the employee value proposition mirrors the customer value proposition.

Mindcor assists clients in defining and entrenching both customer and employee value propositions and to manage the process of embedding this into the organisation. The time and effort spent on clearly defining these two core elements reaps rewards in all aspects of the business including: