Executive Coaching

There is a definite science when it comes to leadership, with coaching and mentorship forming an important element in the growth and development of leadership capabilities amongst business professionals.

Executive Coaching is a one-on-one hands-on training process that will be undertaken between an executive coach and an executive, using winning strategies to grow leaders. Coaching is carried out by independent, professional external coaches that are well-versed in training middle to upper management personnel. This training can take from three months up to a year, all depending on the type of involvement required.

The coaching is goal-focused and practical, honing in on the skills of the individual, and is especially useful when there are organisational issues and challenges such as modification initiatives to tackle. Executive Coaching is focused on giving executives authentic feedback that can be put to good use, assisting individuals in facing their good and bad points, so that they can become superior leaders.

Once the executive has been made aware of his or her individual style of leading with areas of improvement being brought to their attention, it is the job of the coach to collaborate with the executive to improve through a number of clearly-defined performance-related goals, supporting the executive in achieving these.