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In today’s fast-paced world of work and rapidly changing social, political, and economic conditions, there is seemingly no longer an ideal match between the skills required by an organisation for a specific role and those available from individuals looking for the opportunity. Leading employers recognise that to be truly successful they need to focus on building their own talent internally, mapping their current and future needs, and developing pipelines for succession planning, promotion, and development.

At Mindcor, we assist our clients in developing dual talent pools which includes identifying individuals internally with the potential for promotion and mapping the market to benchmark this talent against that which is available in the broader marketplace.

Talent mapping is the first step because without a clear understanding of the internal capabilities and potential that exists, organisations would be at risk of wasting time and resources developing individuals who either lack the capability or desire to follow the nominated progression pathway. Whilst it is good to peruse internal talent, the concept of bringing in fresh thinking from the outside is equally important. In order for an organisation to gain new talent, a clear strategy to understand where this talent sits and what it would take to bring them into the fold needs to be developed.

Mindcor partners with our clients to understand their talent requirements within the context of their business model and strategic objectives, allowing our team to provide local market insights into the availability and quality of talent. Our capabilities enable us to build an internal talent map of the business, providing an ideal platform for onward strategic planning, skills development initiatives, and succession planning. Further, we can also provide external talent mapping, ideal for benchmarking existing internal talent and identifying “outperformers” who could add value to the organisation.