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Interim Placements for Executive and Senior Management

The Interim Placement fills an entirely new breed of in-sourced leadership. These individuals are measured on results alone and if they are not delivering, the owner of the business is perfectly within his or her right to show  the Executive Placement the door.

Interim Placements for Executive and Senior Management perform on actual plans and are measured on results from executing carefully thought-out strategies. Because Interim Placements are of an apolitical nature, projects and assignments that often veer off course when politics get in the way of business will be viewed as being of critical benefit to a corporate environment. The key role of Interim Executives and Senior Managers is to focus on getting things done.

Most companies have a vision for a better future, but somehow miss the mark every time. They don’t have the in-house resources to grasp the big opportunities vital for rapid growth; alternatively they seem to get stuck in management gaps, ineptitude in operating, challenges launching new products or services, or simply the misalignment in their teams. The Interim Placement will add value to a business by focusing on converting and empowering growth in people and administration.