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Looking to Hire CFO? Executive Recruitment Helps Fill the Big Shoes of a CFO

At Mindcor we offer companies executive recruitment to fill top posts including those of MD, COO, and CFO, amongst others. The main function of a CFO in any business is to predict what the future financials of a company will be  as accurately as possible. Over and above these duties, there are numerous roles that the CFO has to oversee and is responsible for.

There are usually a couple of major components that the CFO’s job entails – these include:

  • Controllership duties – this is where the CFO is held fully responsible for reporting and presenting up-to-date as well as historical financials of a business.
  • The CFO is seen as the right-hand-person of the CEO. The CFO is often viewed as being the second in command after the CEO.
  • Because the CFO is responsible for all reporting on the financials, they play an integral role in the organisation as important decisions are made based upon these.