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Looking to hire a Chief Administration Officer

A CAO – otherwise known as a Chief Administrative Officer, is an executive who regularly reports to the CEO – Chief Executive Officer.

When looking to hire a Chief Administration Officer, it is important to realise what their key responsibilities consist of?

  • Strategic planning and offering input for business.
  • Goal and target-setting for individual employees and departments.
  • Teaming up with colleagues to apply strategies and work towards improvements.

The CAO should have these attributes:

  • An individual who is able to manage daily administrative operations.
  • He or she will form part of the executive team, although this individual will report directly to the CEO, with their work playing a major role in the overall function of the business.
  • The CAO is an organised individual with a vision for strategies to the day-to-day activities of the company.
  • To sum up, the CAO is efficient, good with people and able to lead.

The main functions of the CAO include:

  • Set goals for individuals, individual managers and also departments.
  • Oversees the allocation of all materials.
  • Oversees budgeting.
  • Teams up with colleagues to enforce certain policies and devise improvements.
  • Coordinates all operations that are taken on are co-ordinated between all individuals and teams within the business.
  • Guides and nurtures staff and carries out evaluations of the staff.
  • Time management of projects and issues.
  • The CAO needs to have brilliant organisational skills, as well as a thorough understanding of business functions including finances and HR.

If you are looking to hire a Chief Administration Officer, we partner with companies to place leaders and top talent to deliver talent solutions across Africa.