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Looking to Hire a CTO? Know How to Differentiate Between a CTO and a CIO?

When looking to hire a CTO – Chief Technology Officer, don’t go about filling this position with someone who does not fit the bill perfectly as it could prove to be a costly exercise.

At Mindcor recruitment agency we cater to clients looking to hire executive staff to fill managerial positions. The pressing question is – what role will the CTO play in a business and how does a CTO differ from a CIO?

The CTO holds one of the highest ranking managerial positions in a company, because he or she leads the technology or engineering teams and departments. One of the main functions of the CTO is to increase revenues through the implementation of policies.

The Chief Technology Officer puts certain strategies in place using technology to augment sales of products and to enhance services.

The increase in IT is a reality and computers have increased the importance of the role that the CTO plays. Companies that have their focus on scientific and electronic products usually require a professional CTO at the helm.