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Looking to hire a Head of Commercial Planning

What you should do When Looking to Fill The Position of Head of Commercial Planning

When looking to hire a Head of Commercial Planning, select a professional team to source the perfect candidate to fill this top position within a business.

As Head of Commercial Planning the individual will need to safeguard the operational functions and ensure that financial plans are brought into line across the board, co-ordinating customer services as well as ensuring daily performance, work volumes and performance measures within the company’s strategic partners are put into place.

In most instances, a key role is to manage sales, as well as being equipped with sufficient experience in the negotiation and agreement of commercial arrangements with key suppliers.

Key skills that the Head of Commercial Planning needs to possess and undertake:

  • Strong analytical and operational planning capabilities.
  • Management of sales.
  • Experience of commercial finance and be particularly gifted with figures.
  • Furthermore, the Head of Commercial Planning should be an individual who possesses an in-depth understanding of financial procedures and process which can impact positively on the bottom line of a business.
  • Head of Commercial Planning will usually manage the partners of a business.
  • He or she should have a passion and knowledge to improving customer management.
  • Furthermore, Head of Commercial Planning should be in possession of sufficient experience with contractual structure, be able to negotiate contracts and be able to drive value through strategic partnerships.

When looking to hire a Head of Commercial Planning, ensure the fit is right first time round, as the individual should have all the above attributes and more.