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For Businesses Looking to Hire A Head Of Finance There Are Certain Criteria That Need to Be Met

For businesses looking to hire a Head of Finance, there are certain criteria that need to be met, plus the individual requires certain personality traits in order to execute this position with the experience and expertise necessary.

These are the duties that are usually carried out by the Head of Finance:

  • The Head of Finance is expected to have in-depth knowledge of all products and services of a business and has to cost and work out how much these services or products are expected to make in profit.
  • The Head of Finance utilises tools of the trade – these usually include costings and projections which will be explored in-depth to determine the cost of finances in the long term.
  • Additionally, the Head of Finance needs to possess more than financial wisdom – when hiring a Head of Finance he or she must be able to have a thorough grasp of accounting concepts and needs to project long-term strategies.
  • The Head of Finance is the CFO – Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for all the financial decisions that are made within a business and all reporting done in an organisation.

When hiring a Head of Finance:

It is important that the person who takes on this role is a bit of a chameleon and is able to wear a number of hats. He or she needs a comprehensive understand of the workings of the business and has to have expert financial expertise.

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