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Hiring a Head of Pricing

Strong Leadership and Project Management Capabilities Will Be Two of The Attributes When Looking To Hire A Head Of Pricing

When looking to hire a Head of Pricing, it is important to hire an individual in possession of strong verbal and written communication skills as well as mathematical and analytical competences; furthermore, strong leadership and project management capabilities are essential.

Your Head of Pricing will assist your business in conducting in-depth market research for new products as well as any new or innovative ideas that involve services offered. Your Head of Pricing would in all probability carry out studies (surveys and polls), evaluate consumer trends and visit trade shows, stores as well as other venues to assess what the competition is offering to the consumer.

The Head of Pricing is usually a strong team player in possession of excellent project management abilities – a solid knowledge of accountancy as well as financial acumen is essential.

Some of the core skills your Head of Pricing will possess include:

  • A full understanding of what impact pricing will have on the company’s bottom line.
  • Estimates of production costs to develop pricing tactics.
  • The co-ordination of public relations, marketing and the synchronisation of sales to create pricing models.
  • The Head of Pricing should be able to understand bids, and must be able to be a good negotiator.

When looking to hire a Head of Pricing, take note that this individual will need to work closely with a number of departments within a company such as sales, PR and production; an individual that plays an integral role within the business.