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Hiring a Professional Director of Operations

The director of operations is commonly referred to as the chief operations officer (COO). The duties of the director of operations is to oversee the daily duties and activities that take place in a business – this is usually under the jurisdiction of the Chief Executive. The most important personality trait of the director of your director of operations is to be able to communicate effectively within the organisation.

The director operations will typically be responsible for he following within an organisation:

  • Most of the time spent by the COO is evaluating and reviewing business processes such as money management, office expenses, and other essential measures taken to running a successful business.
  • Goal posts are usually put in place by the COO to ensure that an organisation is running at its optimum potential.
  • The COO is usually in charge of ensuring that the day to day activities of the business flow smoothly.
  • The COO is a member of upper management within an organisation.

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