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Looking to hire a Director of Sales

For Businesses Looking To Hire A Director Of Sales, We Stop The Gaps

Being the Director of Sales is a hugely responsible position and as the most senior member of a sales force within a business, the Director of Sales is usually in charge of a large sales team.

The Sales Director plays an integral role in that he or she is in charge of the sales team within an organisation. The Director of Sales usually works hand-in-glove with other important players within the business in order to ensure that all strategic objectives are met.

If you are looking to hire a Director of Sales, we will stop the gaps, offering professionals of the highest calibre to find the right candidate for the job.

The responsibilities of a Director of Sales usually includes:

  • Sales – naturally – as this is the eventual responsibility of the Sales Director within a business.
  • The proof of the pudding is usually in the eating – the responsibility of dropped sales usually falls onto the shoulders of the Sales Director.
  • It is up to the Director of Sales to motivate the team to perform at their peak.

For businesses looking to hire a Director of Sales, our professional pool of candidates will fit the bill. Cut out traditional head hunters and instead let us assist in filling high calibre positions across the board.