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Not everyone is good with money or numbers, and whether you are a start-up business or are a going concern, being without a Financial Director is akin to a ship being without a captain. The Director of Finance is responsible for overseeing the financial performance and management of the organisation, making them a key person of responsibility and accountability within the business.

We understand the need for this professional post being filled at all times and pride ourselves on having the necessary skills and capabilities to find talented individuals capable of successfully occupying these positions.

Should you find yourself with a vacancy to fill and are looking to hire a Financial Director within your organisation, we are able to source professionals that are able to step into the role on either a temporary basis or a more full-time position on your behalf.

Hiring a Financial Director is no easy task, so why not partner with an organisation with a proven track record for successfully aligning talented professionals to the right job. This will save you time, energy, and money by ensuring you place the right person into the role as soon as the position becomes available.