executive recruitment

It is well accepted that globally, CEO’s and hiring executives consistently rate attracting and retaining best talent as one of their most critical strategic imperatives. Mindcor’s business unit, Executive Choice, enjoys a unique and favourable reputation with many of the country’s successful Mid-Cap companies as well as an enviable client list of JSE listed institutions. The group prides itself in its ability to deliver top relevant candidates quickly. This is achieved by our team of experienced consultants and search specialists constantly building and revising a repository of Professional Candidates across the many vocations we recruit for. Our professional team continue to enjoy success with the introduction of key middle manager and senior managers to businesses across South Africa.

We value upfront conversations with key stakeholders to better understand the strategic context of the role and business. This enables us to encourage alignment between the organisational and cultural value proposition and the candidate’s own personal values. This allows us to employ a synthesis of best practice search and recruitment methodology, enabling a strategic, flexible, and rapid response to executive talent requirements as well as the ability to complement our clients’ own recruitment process. The synthesis involves international best practice research as well as sourcing and headhunting in order to identify and entice top executive candidates. The creation of this synthesis allows Executive Choice to find the ‘right fit’ for each unique assignment together with agile and proactive client engagement.

 We believe that client and executive candidate partnerships remain key to our mutual success. By adopting a multi-pronged approach and leveraging our vast executive candidate database, international research and sourcing techniques, and our unique networks within the executive landscape, we are able to deliver according to our clients’ particular needs within a very short timeframe.

Research indicates that the most agile organisations are those that understand that recruitment should be continuous and not episodic. Most of our clients value meeting great talent on a regular, exploratory basis and appreciate that we constantly scan our networks to introduce appropriate top talent to meet their strategic and business initiatives.

 Unique to the executive talent arena, we focus not only on fulfilling specific client needs but equally on creating access for executive candidates to have exploratory conversations with prospective clients. This candidate-centric approach ensures that we are working with the best executive talent in the market, with a clear understanding of their expectations and requirements. This ultimately supports greater success through mutually beneficial matches.