graduate recruitment

Forward-thinking organisations know that developing businesses requires a commitment to growing, not just recruiting in, talent. nexTLeaders, a Mindcor company, prides itself on helping our clients to spot potential and gain competitive advantage by bringing in the best at the beginning of their careers. Our graduate programmes have serviced reputable organisations in a variety of leading industries, the roles and graduate profiles presented vary across a range of skill sets.

Talent Spotting

We know where to find the very best and, depending on the client’s unique requirements, we build Graduate Attraction Campaigns, designed to spot, attract and assess the cream of the crop. Sourcing campaigns target the talent in the places they frequent, whether on-campus drives, our extensive niche networks, referral programmes or social media campaigns. Campaigns are built following extensive consultation and taking into account the client’s preference for leveraging their own Employee Value Proposition.

Presenting Potential

Pieces of paper are not people and with graduates the information contained in CVs provides little insight into the potential of the candidate. nexTLeaders prides itself on developing and implementing, following client interaction, customised graduate assessment processes that seek to uncover the individual’s suitability for the roles being recruited. We will go further than simply spotting skills and seek to align the individuals’ ethics, values and career aspirations to those of the client organisation. Our team will then meet with your nominated representatives to formally present the graduates, helping to shortlist for client interview and onward recruitment and selection.

Career Coaching

Given the costs associated with running – and successfully completing – graduate programmes, candidate commitment is key! nexTLeaders provides career counselling to considered individuals ensuring their interest in the opportunity, certainty of the role and commitment to the recruitment, on-boarding and training process. nexTLeaders also empowers the graduates to perform at their best during the interview by providing them with opportunity to hone their interviewing skills (competency & behavioural) and managing case studies. Our experience shows that better prepared candidates not only perform better during the recruitment process but also within the organisation once employed.

On-boarding Assistance

To streamline administrative processes, particularly in large scale graduate intakes, nexTLeaders offers clients on-boarding assistance. This can include preparing graduates for the processes or assisting HR with the administration of uploading graduate profiles and associated documentation into the clients’ relevant system.