job profiling

Job profiles are an essential component for effective performance management as they provide a concrete description of the specific role, key requirements, and expected outputs. They further describe how the job sits within the organisational design, detailing reporting lines, responsibilities, and impact on others. The constantly changing business environment has, however, led to a shift in successful job profiles from simply listing ‘tasks’ to being more ‘results focused’ and ideally linked to the overall strategic objectives of the organisation.

An up-to-date job profile is fundamental to effective human resource management, from recruitment through performance management and ultimately performance appraisal and associated recognition, remuneration, and reward. Without them, organisations are at risk of appointing the wrong people to their vacancies and find it difficult to get individuals and teams to pull together towards achieving the ultimate goals and objectives of the business.

Mindcor believes in linking, where possible, the creation and review of job profiles as part of the strategy development or change management process. This is done to ensure that the organisation and its structure is fit for these processes and enables achievement of the defined strategic objectives.

Our experts work in consultation with clients’ HR and line managers to evaluate and assess existing profiles before conducting job analysis and updating or amending profiles as required. The process is quality managed to ensure buy-in and relevance across the organisation, partnering with our clients to ensure the profiles are accepted and more readily implemented.