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Talent Consulting

Mindcor Consulting is an organisational effectiveness advisory partner. We develop and implement solutions that support and drive the implementation of business strategies. We believe in developing long-term partnerships with our diverse range of local and global customers. We’re passionate about getting organisational capacity and capability right.

Business Strategy Execution

We believe that the process of business strategy formulation and development should “begin with the end in mind”, enabling our experienced consultants to guide the leaders within Client organisations to remain focused on creating realistic, implementable, and executable strategies.

Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development process is a customised journey that equips leaders with essential competencies, and practical applications thereof, in order to drive the business and enable change by motivating the people they lead.

Executive Coaching

Our coaching practice focuses on enabling and skilling Executives to navigate their own ideas, make sense of their unique thought processes, and craft clear personal strategies for growth and success.

HR Strategies

We help our Clients to consolidate business performance with the management of their employees by implementing sound HRM strategies that readdress the fundamentals of employee management and engagement.

Tailored Learning Programmes

We pride ourselves on helping our Clients to spot potential Talent and gain a competitive advantage by engaging with the best at the beginning of their careers.

Talent Assessment and Development

We assists our Clients with the focused selection and development of their new employees, existing staff, and those identified to be high potential Talent.

Organisational Design and Perfomance

Our approach to organisational design follows a business-centric approach that starts with an understanding of the organisation’s strategy, enabling us to formulate a structure that is best suited to deliver on the strategic objectives of our Clients.

Change Management

Our philosophy and practice has a strong focus on developing, aligning, and equipping our Clients’ leaders with the capabilities needed to understand what impact the intended change will have on their business and people, enabling them to successfully lead the organisation through the change process