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Change management activities, whilst driven by strategic objective, should also be designed to help people move through the transition and effectively adjust to new structures or new ways of working. If the change management process is effectively handled, the variations in operational alignment should be more readily accepted and efficiently entrenched.

Any change, no matter how small, can have a significant negative impact on productivity if it is not planned and communicated well. The power of employees at every level to resist change, whether actively or passively, should never be underestimated. Change is hard for most people, especially when fuelled by the fear that change could result in a loss of job security.

Change should be driven by champions at leadership level who realise that is not an event, but rather a process that ideally should include a number of people-centric interventions. Leadership teams ought to realise that change cannot happen overnight and that they must monitor and manage the transition throughout the entire lifecycle of any project.

Mindcor’s philosophy and practice has a strong focus on developing, aligning, and equipping our clients’ leaders to enable them to manage the change required within the organisation. We believe in assisting these leaders in understanding what impact the intended change will have on their business and their people. We further assist them by creating customised interventions to facilitate the change, ensuring that both the business and the individuals within it are effectively capacitated to embrace the change.