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Coaching, particularly with senior managers and C-suite leaders, is shown to improve the impact of both the individual being coached and the organisation as a whole. Executive coaching, especially when strategically focused and practiced in the Cascading Model used by Mindcor, promotes success at all levels and enables organisations to reach both their strategic and operational objectives.

Mindcor’s systemic coaching interventions effectively combine strategic thinking and business operationalisation, ensuring real return on investment in a short space of time. The key outcomes of the coaching process include:

Executives and senior managers who are faced with a multiplicity of challenges on a daily basis find coaching to be an indispensable tool that empowers them to tackle these challenges in creative and innovative ways.

Mindcor has a team of highly experienced executive coaches who are carefully matched through a combination of the coach’s experience and areas of expertise and the ‘chemistry’ between the coach and the executive.

The Mindcor coaching practice is far from prescriptive, focusing on enabling and skilling executives to navigate their own ideas, make sense of their unique thought processes, and craft clear personal strategies for growth and success. The coaching journey follows an action learning approach whereby executives allow themselves to be held accountable by their coaches, ensuring their ideas are executed and outcomes are reviewed in the follow up sessions.