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Leadership Development is a useful tool available to individuals who wish to advance their capabilities within the leadership framework. Whilst business schools can provide aspiring leaders with models and frameworks as well as the theories on how to develop and build their businesses, there are elements that simply cannot be learned within a classroom. All the planning in the world will come to naught if a leader cannot mobilise the individuals within the organisation to understand, accept, embrace, and make the changes necessary to drive organisational success.

Mindcor’s Leadership Development process is a customised journey that equips leaders with essential competencies, and practical applications thereof, in order to drive the business and enable change by motivating the people they lead. Through the knowledge and skills gained during this process, a leader is able to master their capabilities – increasing return on investment and achievement of organisational change goals. The core components of leadership development include:


Key to the Mindcor philosophy is the practical ‘take-back-to-business’ action learning, combining high-impact contact events, virtual learning platforms, and practical follow-ups. This enables leaders in the programme to develop their strategic objectives, unpack these into operational elements, and drive the changes necessary by utilising top-down approaches to motivate and mobilise teams and individuals to achieve the set organisational goals and strategies.