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Organisational Design and Performance

Effective organisational performance structures enable capacity and unlock capability to ensure that the business, and the people employed therein, are empowered to deliver to customers and meet the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Many organisations find themselves challenged to develop new capabilities and to adapt to ever-changing market needs. For many, the shift towards customer-led business models demands a change in the way the organisation is structured. This is particularly true of the downward delegation of decision-making that ensures customers are given the answers they seek at the earliest point in their interaction with the business.

Rather than following a ‘connect the blocks and lines’ model typically associated with traditional organisation design, Mindcor’s philosophy is to follow a business-centric approach that starts with an understanding of the organisation’s strategy. Through the utilisation of a rigorous approach and methodology, we are able formulate a structure that is best suited to deliver on the strategic objectives of our clients.

Mindcor recognises the need for flexibility and agility in organisational design in response to the unique requirements and context of each project, encouraging a ‘fit for purpose’ approach. We always ask practical questions to ensure that we deliver on client expectations, such as: