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Organisations are constantly developing and the skills required to meet the rapidly changing strategic objectives can greatly differ. Assessing existing competency and skills levels will not only assist in better managing existing employees with regards to talent assessment and skills development, it will also provide valuable insight into the skills and competencies that should be brought into the business with new talent development.

Mindcor assists our clients with the focused selection and development of their new employees, existing staff, and those identified to be high potential talent.

Our experienced team of industrial psychologists and psychometrists can create a unique battery of tests designed to benchmark internal talent against future capability and requirements.  Through these assessments we are able to give our clients a clear view of their current skill levels, skill needs, and any identified gaps. With this information, our clients are well positioned to build better and bigger talent pools by improving competence and enhancing capability.

Mindcor offers customised Top Talent/Developing High Potential programmes, building on our local and international experience and success. These programmes incorporate training, cross-functional action learning, and coaching in order to combine the best theory and practical exposure to grow talent to meet clients’ unique current and future requirements.