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The demands on boards and board members alike have increased, from the more robust governance requirements to the ever-changing and often volatile economic environment. It is critical to ensure that the board guiding the organisation works together effectively in order to achieve success in this high pressure global economy.

Research has shown that more diverse boards, in particular those with a healthy representation of women, have been proven to achieve better financial results. In countries such as South Africa, where issues of transformation and diversity are very pressing, organisations need to ensure that they secure the right mix of individuals from diverse backgrounds whose skills, knowledge, and expertise can be used collaboratively to drive the business forward.

Mindcor aims to support the development of effective and diverse boards that have the prerequisite capabilities to match the strategic requirements of the organisation.  We ensure that these boards represent the diversity of required skills, as well as the communities in which they currently or plan to operate, in line with the codes of good practice.