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An Interim Executive will bring specific skills to the table on a temporary basis, which could be either over a short period of time or longer. The chief role of an Interim Executive is to fill a gap when a key executive suddenly departs, exposing the business to risk when the position becomes vacant.

Mindcor assists our clients in finding suitably qualified individuals with proven track records in order to fill Interim Executive positions as needed. These candidates are highly skilled professionals that will step in to assist an organisation while an Executive Search is carried out to find replacement for the previous Executive position.

Benefits that Interim Executives can bring to the table include:

  • The Interim Executive is a qualified individual and able to operate independently with little guidance.
  • These individuals are at times over-qualified which is a plus, not a negative.
  • The Interim Executive will be in a position to deliver excellent results, with his or her performance having the potential to make a massive difference in the intervening period.
  • With Interim Management the starting period is usually immediate or within a couple of days – little recruitment is exercised and few termination formalities are required.
  • Because they are not likely to have a history or affiliation with the company, these individuals have their objective views to offer, often bringing clarity to the table.