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Non-executive management, or non-executive directors,  are directors that are set apart from those working on the inside of the company and could even be described as an outsider looking in rather than, an employee concerned with the daily operations of the organisation.

The non-executive manager’s role is to act as a watchdog and whistle-blower to ensure that good practice and ethics are adhered to at all times.

Mindcor assists our clients in the sourcing and placing of suitable Non-executive directors to form part of the board of a company. These non-executive directors remain aware of their duties which include being the eyes and ears of the shareholders, and therefore hold the responsibility to ensure that ensure the directors perform their responsibilities correctly ensuring that the implementation of fiscal, operational and compliance controls are correctly adhered to at all times.

The presence of a competent non-executive will give comfort to potential suppliers and bankers. The non-executive has a useful role to play as referee and judge in regard to the issue of whether the remuneration of executives is fair and appropriate. The non-executive can help ensure that such decisions are sensibly thought through, A non-executive can also help ensure that the dividend policy is sensible, and have a key role to play when the board reviews its own performance.