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Talent Pipelining Africa

Many South African and multinational companies are expanding into Africa, recognising the potential the continent holds for business growth in its large, and often untapped, market. Whilst business strategies are often well constructed, the art and science of finding the right people on the ground to drive and implement a strategy can be more difficult. Our focus on aligning people with strategy means that we work closely with our clients to better understand their current and future human capital needs as they align to the operational requirements, enabling them to roll out into new markets in a measured and manageable way.

Markets vary greatly and can be quite difficult to negotiate. Mindcor has had great success in assisting our clients in navigating the landscape and understanding legal requirements and pitfalls across various markets. Leveraging our partnership with the Intersearch Group, we are able to access talent trends, local market information, and identify top people who meet the brief for working within these differing enviromnents. Our ability to verify credentials, notoriously difficult when working cross border, also means that our clients can rest easy in the knowledge that the people they have picked are suitably skilled, experienced, and vetted to be custodians of their brand.