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How Recruitment Agencies Work

Perhaps the biggest fallacy is that recruitment agencies find you, the job seeker work. This is not the case at all– instead, they find people to fill the posts that their clients are eager to fill!

Recruitment agencies play an integral role in finding the right placements when job seekers need to be placed in the right position from the get-go.

As with most things in life recruitment agencies differ in their approach from each other, although in most instances there is a general pattern where the agency is sent a job description from the company that has an available position.

A shortlist of prospective job seekers is collated by the agency that they have in their database that they send to the company.

Being selective and sending your CV to a few jobs is far better than simply sending your CV out to any and every position that is available.

That is why many companies use the services of recruitment agencies to sift through the rabble and to shortlist potential candidates on their behalf.

A recruitment agency acts as a middle man and as a go-between for a business looking for potential candidates and job seekers.

The recruitment agency does all the legwork, including all the advertising, and sifts through all the potential candidates and eventually shortlists appropriate job-seekers to match the right kind of jobs.

It is not unheard of for recruitment agencies to have an extensive database with potential candidates on their books to fill in positions as and when they are required by their clients.

Recruitment agencies never charge candidates for their services – the cost is always to that of the company looking for candidates.