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Mindcor strives to stay ahead of the market in areas where our clients experience great needs, including scarce skills. By operating both locally and internationally, Mindcor has access to the latest trends which enables both us and our clients to stay ahead of the curve.

Rapid developments within the Gig Economy means that organisations are searching for new skills within the digital, technology, and engineering space in particular. We invest in our people, ensuring their development to better serve our clients’ needs in these hastily evolving environments.

Whilst many organisations seek to handle as much recruitment internally as possible, we understand that services such as ours are sought after in an attempt to occupy those hard-to-fill vacancies which require the sourcing of individuals with an almost impossible skill set.

Our long-term relationships built with clients over time means that we are able to assist the organisations with expansion by providing guidance which addresses how best to source or develop the key skills required to achieve organisational objectives.