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Vacancies in Johannesburg Are Plenty

Johannesburg is the 27th-largest city economically globally, contributing about 17% to the gross domestic product.

Furthermore, Johannesburg is a mere 120 years old – this is when the advent of the discovery of gold took place, which makes for an impressive modern-day Jozi where there is much to offer and attract those looking for prospects.

Johannesburg is a pulsating, first-class African city populated by many that have come to discover their dreams, and is the most populous city in the South of Africa!

Additionally, Johannesburg is the largest city throughout the world that is not built on or near a major body of water, is known to have the largest urban forest which is home to over ten million trees, and is home to the highest building in Africa – the Carlton Centre!

The economy has diversified from its basis in mining to being driven by four sectors; finance, and business services, community services, manufacturing and trade – therefore it is rather obvious that when looking for vacancies in Johannesburg, this should be the number one go-to destination.

Johannesburg is indeed the land of milk and honey for those that know where to find the opportunities and the right jobs.

Vacancies in Johannesburg are plentiful – the secret is knowing exactly where to look and by making good use of professional placement agencies to assist.

Usually the old adage of “it is not what you know, but who you know” holds true for many, but for any this is not the case.

There are many professionals and non-professionals looking for opportunities and recruitment vacancies in Johannesburg; thankfully the city of gold has much to offer, shaping a more inclusive, fast-growing and sustainable economy with the prioritisation for investment including agribusiness, information and communications technology, creative industries, the green economy infrastructure, manufacturing mining and tourism, the world is indeed your oyster when looking for vacancies in Johannesburg.