operating model design

The most promising strategies are often let down by the lack of thought placed on how the business model and organisational structure will deliver on what was promised. Businesses tend to rush into re-designing organisational structures without sufficient debate about their value proposition, and whether or not the proposed changes in design will lead to sustainable and scalable delivery of the value proposition.

The globalisation of businesses and the expansion into Africa has pushed many organisations to extend themselves into countries and places where the mode of operating is vastly different, yet their operating models are often simply replicated. Mindcor works with our clients to rethink the way their model, structures, and services are delivered. We do this by focusing on the alignment of operations with strategic intent and objectives as well as gaining a realisation of context and environments.

Our agile and bespoke approach means that we support local, regional, and functional teams in developing and refining their operating models as they journey towards the realisation of their strategy. Mindcor’s capabilities and experience lie in the design of business models including procurement, HR, finance, and sales. These models are formulated in such a way that they remain geographically relevant and functionally sound within the organisation’s context.

We work with executives and senior management teams to define and design their operating models around 5 key areas: