organisational effectiveness and development

Many organisations are realising the real value of strategic HR engagement that integrates all components which drive effective business functioning. Fundamental transformation seems to be at the top of the list of priorities for many businesses as they contend with the rapidly evolving economic realities of globalisation and digitalisation. Transformation needs to happen as seamlessly as possible given that sustainability, growth, and continued returns are expected throughout the process.

The average lifespan of a CEO is just 4.3 years. This means that the time period allocated for a major business shift is only sufficient enough to produce limited returns, regardless of efficiency in which the change is executed and implemented. Success depends on a structured approach, driven by a strong champion who is able to mobilise change and shift the behaviour of the people within the organisation.

At Mindcor, we understand that connecting people to the strategy is the ultimate purpose of any intervention of this nature. We work with our clients to tackle this challenge by working systematically to develop integrated solutions that target multiple levels of the organisation in order to shift performance. Typically, our Organisational Effectiveness interventions integrate 5 key elements:

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