Perfomance Management

In a world where work is no longer defined as a place you go to for a set period of time, the need to monitor and measure individuals against performance output becomes essential. Enabling employees to customise their own employment relationships, including remote access working and flexible hours, is critical to attracting and retaining the best talent. Most businesses however, don’t have the systems or skilled workforce in place to effectively implement and manage a dispersed and diverse workforce.

Mindcor’s performance management philosophy, metrics, and process is aligned to the business’ strategic intent. This means that we focus on cascading strategy and aligning individual KPI throughout the organisation to the overall business strategic objectives.

An effective and efficient performance management system is central to driving results and managing individuals within the business. Truly engaged employees are proven to be more productive and more energised, ready and willing to capitalise on their strengths for the benefit of their own recognition and reward as well as the achievement of business objectives.

Organisations can leverage the power of engaged employees by focusing their efforts on promoting the business strategy. Performance management provides the mechanism for both increasing employee engagement and aligning individual performance with desired strategic objectives. Mindcor’s performance management methodology provides for the alignment of all these factors, ensuring a robust and effective incentive for the individual, team, and organisational performance.

It is extremely important that the performance management systems are supported by individuals in leadership roles who are capable and confident in managing the performance management processes. For this reason, much of the focus of these initiatives for clients hinge on developing strong leadership. We assist our clients in establishing this strong leadership presence by delivering tools and training for the organisation’s leaders, enabling them to effectively implement and achieve the performance management goals identified.

Key questions that Mindcor poses to clients during the Performance Management System Design includes: