psychometric assessments

Psychometric assessments provide insight into an individual’s latent behaviours that are unlikely to be observed during the traditional interview process. Assessed knowledge of an incumbent’s business strengths enables our clients to maximise on business return by providing a greater level of understanding of the individual. This allows for a more comprehensive assessment of suitability between the individual and the requirements for the role to be made, substantially improving the chances of success.

Our customised psychometric assessments are client focused and typically used for:

Mindcor follows a comprehensive and scientific approach to psychometric assessment, aligned to the HPCSA’s principles, best described as:

  • Tool Agnostic

Our team of industrial psychologists and psychometrists are accredited in a range of psychometrics and as a result, we aren’t married to any particular assessment tool.  This provides us the necessary flexibility to create a battery of tests specific to client’s unique needs.

  •  So What? Orientation

We believe that whilst assessments are a good tool, the results should always be linked back to the bigger picture and seen in the context of determining how an individual might be incorporated into the organisation or how to further empowered them once they have joined.

  •  Developmental Orientation

Results of these assessments are especially useful for the development of individuals, by identifying both areas of strength and those that require development. Our practitioners can provide feedback on how capabilities and competencies can be enhanced to assist organisations in making better acquisition and promotion decisions, particularly for the purposes of business transformation.

Our team of psychologists and psychometrists partner with our clients to ensure that the assessment process embarked on meets all of the agreed upon objectives and enables better informed decision making for purposes of recruitment, selection, and career development.