strategy fomulation and development

Strategies imposed on organisations by external consultants, however well researched and articulated, have a minimal chance of success if the buy-in from the leadership team is simply at an intellectual level.

Key leadership must be involved from the onset in order to achieve optimal strategy development. Whilst market research and best practices are important ingredients to the process, it is only when the leadership team as a collective takes the time to grapple with environmental realities and co-create their own value proposition, strategic priorities, and guiding principles to exploit market opportunities that the strategy comes to fruition.

Mindcor believes that the process of strategy formulation and development should “begin with the end in mind” and our experienced consultants utilise world leading “Business Tools” to guide the leaders within client organisations to remain focused on creating realistic, implementable, and executable strategies.

Central to the facilitation process is the focus on creating strategic intent and shared purpose that:

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