talent mapping & research

Today’s highly competitive and dynamic marketplace is synonymous with large amounts of data. The most successful organisations are those that leverage this data to their advantage. Mindcor tailors our Talent Mapping & Research services according to the needs of our clients. A situation in which these services are utilised include organisations that require market intelligence to better manage workforce planning in response to today’s highly challenging environment.

The Talent Mapping services have been created in response to the needs identified by our clients including:

  • Benchmarking for succession planning and internal promotion
  • Risk mitigation and/or contingency planning for executive or critical skills roles
  • Understanding of availability of scarce/critical skills
  • Market intelligence gathering in regards to competitors, talent pipelines etc.

We act on our clients’ behalf, depending on their intended outcomes. Our process typically involves three key stages:

Using the latest Boolean Blackbelt search techniques, our specialist search teams are able to pinpoint the best talent no matter where it’s located. This allows us to provide our clients with expert advice on where to source and recruit as well as identifying potentially beneficial operations they ought to seize in order to take advantage of the skills the organisation needs.

Organisations primarily using our Talent Mapping & Research services in pursuit of one or both of the following:

  • Information on sources of relevant talent, their skills scope, domain of business/sector activity, and organisational
  • Lists of relevant and talented individuals for specific roles with an overview of skills, experience, and remuneration levels

In conjunction with our partners, Mindcor offers bespoke geographic Talent Mapping Services to organisations in order to assist with identifying the location of scarce/critical skills. This identification is required for either sourcing or workforce/organisational expansion and planning. All outcomes are discussed with clients individually in order to ensure that they are fully satisfied with our contribution to their journey towards organisational success.