talent marketing

Mindcor’s long-term strategy is to engage with senior candidates outside of specific briefs. This provides us access to a large pool of candidates who have indicated that they are willing to explore new employment opportunities.

Our focus in building strategic, long-term relationships means we also understand the strategies and associated talent requirements of our clients. Through this understanding, we can easily identify those talented senior and executive individuals who would be attractive to our clients looking to hire the best talent in order to build great businesses.

We at Mindcor know that our clients are willing to meet with top calibre candidates outside of any immediate vacancy, a reflection of the reality that many leading organisations are on the constant lookout for exceptional talent. We meet many experienced and talented candidates every day in the course of our work. This combined with our in-depth understanding of the kind of people that could add value to our clients results in us offering an introduction of the candidate to the client should a potential match arise.

We acknowledge that time is of equal value to our clients and candidates alike. This means that we will only seek to initiate an introduction once we have a clear understanding of both the client and the candidate, including their needs and desires, in order to ensure that it will be a mutually beneficial match.

To guarantee that only the best talent gets marketed, candidates are only identified as high potential once they have been thoroughly interviewed against a generic set of executive competencies. In the event that a client expresses interest in a particular candidate, we can further explore their match by assessing them against the specific competencies for the role or organisation.

We facilitate the process in order to ensure that all the expected verifications, including competency-based references, credit rating, criminal record, and qualifications, has been conducted. It is only in the event that a client’s recruitment needs have been successfully met that a placement fee would become payable.