talent strategy

People are an intrinsic part of a business and essential to the effective execution and achievement of strategic objectives. Managing the human capital value chain, and in particular the most valuable and Talented individuals critical for this success, requires a definite strategy. It is no longer sufficient enough to simply employ individuals for the moment, there needs to be conscious thought into how these individuals can add value now and in the future when aligned to the overall direction of the business.

Understanding the competency sets required in critical job functions calls for more than just an intuitive approach. Organisations need to be sure that their development budget is being spent on the right people developing the right skills for the right jobs.

Mindcor’s market insight, built through its many years of consulting experience and current Executive Search and Recruitment divisions, provides our Clients with up-to-date information on the competitive talent market. This enables our Clients to create a strategy that is sensitive to both the internal and external competitive environments.

Mindcor provides a methodology to build a customer and job-specific competency framework, a customised assessment process, and tailored development programmes to ensure that our Clients’ Talented people are retained, grown, and perform effectively. Our pragmatic style means that we are implementation focused, providing the platform our Clients need to turn their strategy into action.