targeted remuneration benchmarking

The ability to compete effectively for the very best talent and skills available is top of mind for most organisations as they aim to maintain their competiveness, strive for innovation, and achieve transformation goals. Key to acquiring and retaining top talent is providing a competitive remuneration offering.

Standard market remuneration surveys do not necessarily provide real-time or focused data that drills down to a specific skill within a specific market. Too often, organisations find themselves lost when comparing their remuneration offering to what is benchmarked, leading to difficulty in making competitive offers and managing counter-offer risks of key individuals within their existing teams.

We focus on developing and conducting targeted and customised remuneration surveys that address the specific skills sought or challenges faced by our clients.

We at Mindcor understand that having the right remuneration strategy and philosophy is key. This should be informed by targeted research that is specific to the clients’ industry, market, and talent strategy. Our experience in managing the full talent value chain means we understand that talent acquisition is not one dimensional and that salary alone is not enough to acquire the best talent. This knowledge and expertise together with our ability to access multiple surveys and data points as well as conduct bespoke research enables us to effectively assist our clients in building a targeted remuneration framework that enables them to succeed in acquiring, retaining, and rewarding the best people, independent from our recruitment capability.