team effectiveness & team coaching

Organisations tend to spend a lot of time, money, and resources on developing business strategies and alternative business models to adjust to rapidly changing market conditions. In contrast, very few spend anywhere near enough of these resources on “fixing” the people and the processes that will ultimately determine whether the organisational changes will be successful or not. Typically, the reluctance to do this is due to the 12 – 18 month lead time before results can be seen/measured.

At Mindcor, we believe that people drive business performance. With this in mind, we assist our clients to create and build capability that allows leaders and senior managers to work on their business and not simply in their business. Research indicates that, particularly in emerging markets, the gap between C-suite leadership and senior managers is too great. This is an indication that these leaders are often required to function at an operational level, detracting from their ability to strategically grow the business.

Mindcor’s Team Effectiveness Process provides a platform for leadership teams to have honest conversations about what inhibits and what promotes aligned leadership behaviour, taking them on a journey to build both personal and team mastery. Using carefully facilitated workshops, team and individual coaching sessions, and business-focused interventions, our practitioners will guide your leaders on a customised journey towards value chain optimisation.

By moving beyond mere interpersonal effectiveness, the shift to team effectiveness helps to create a shared purpose and mobilise individuals around strategically aligned goals and objectives. This mobilisation ultimately translates into measurable, improved business results.

Mindcor also offers Team Coaching, which utilises similar methodology to individual coaching, where team members are facilitated to learn from the experiences of their colleagues. Our processes focus on accountability and execution, meaning that the organisation benefits from individuals who are supported, empowered, and held accountable for delivering on the approved team objectives.