Tips from Recruitment Professionals

Does Your Brand Appeal to Candidates? Tips from Recruitment Professionals

LinkedIn research shows that 75% of job seekers will make a decision to apply for a role based on their perception of a company’s brand. This indicates that your brand may determine your success in attracting top talent or losing them to the competition. While your company may not have the public profile and goodwill of a brand such as Google, there are certain measures that can make your brand appealing to job seekers. These considerations are brought to you by Mindcor InterSearch Global, an executive recruitment firm in Johannesburg.

Every Touchpoint Tells a Story

It’s important to recognise that every touchpoint or interaction a person has with your company will influence their perception of your business. This includes your recruitment process, e-mails, career pages, and social media presence. So, make sure your strategy for each touchpoint is aligned to reflect the image you want to portray. If you do not have sufficient resources or skills to manage the entire recruitment process, you may want to consider partnering with a professional executive recruitment firm who can take the stress out of hiring and, in doing so, present an optimal image to candidates.

Choose Your (Recruitment) Partner Wisely

An experienced, reputable executive recruitment firm will ensure that potential candidates have a good experience and are left with a positive perception of your company, even if they do not get hired. This is particularly important given the power of social media reviews to make or break your company’s reputation. A flawed hiring process can result in candidates losing interest or being publicly critical of your business. This may mean that your company is less able to draw exceptional candidates, particularly those with scarce skills who are in demand.

Employee Engagement

Authenticity Rules

Informal, real-life videos with existing employees about their job experiences are trending on company career pages. These clips provide authentic insights into working at the company by staff members and are more believable than shiny, controlled marketing campaigns. This appeals to tech-savvy millennials who rely on social media reviews to inform their decisions.

Party Time

Many companies have found it helpful to host workshops/events to inform their staff, promote their business, and attract prospective hires. At these events, firms have the opportunity to showcase their culture to industry leaders and potential candidates. They use the occasion to establish a database of potential opinion-leaders and candidates for positions now or in the future. Your professional recruitment partner can assist you with these events to promote your employee brand in the best way possible and optimise a talent pool for your business.

Need Help?

For assistance to build an employee brand strategy that makes people want to work for you, please contact professional recruitment firm, Mindcor InterSearch Global on (011) 551 5500. Founded in 1988, Mindcor InterSearch Global has developed into the most recognised Search and Executive Recruitment brand in South Africa.

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