Engaging Top Talent through Graduate Programmes


It is no secret that when it comes to Top Talent, organisations are competing against each other for the few exceptional candidates available in the market. These companies choose to identify and engage with this Talent in a number of ways, depending on the nature of the Talent they are searching for.

One of the channels available for organisations to engage with these Talented individuals early on in their career development is through Graduate Programmes. Graduate Programmes grant organisations access to Talented employees that come at a reduced cost as those with similar skills as they generally do not have the same amount of experience to go with them. Graduates also bring fresh life into the organisation by increasing diversity and bringing renewed energy and perspectives to the business. They have come from a learning environment and embrace their ability to adapt to change, making them easy to mould into their roles and the culture of the organisation.

If you are interested in being assisted with Graduate Programmes in your organisation, please contact Mindcor at info@mindcor.co.za or www.mindcor.com.

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